Last CVS Haul before delivery and some Babies R Us finds

With the super bowl coming up everything is all about the big game, which means stock up sales. Tailgate food is the primary stuff that the stores push which is perfectly fine by me as long as there is a sale to be had. With the impeding birth of my daughter knew this last haul of stuff was going to be things to stretch and things that were overlooked on the registry. With that being said here’s the break down of what was purchased.


Every Saturday will post the ad for the upcoming week. Reviewed it but it’s so much easier to review it in person so waited to get a newspaper copy this morning. After clipping coupons and going through with a fine tooth comb it was time to hit the stores. Again with super bowl coming tailgating items were on the list. 

Items purchased:

  • Ragu(3)
  • Dove deorderant(4)
  • Caress Body wash(1)
  • Fiber one bars
  • Nature Valley bars(2)
  • Tresemme(2)
  • CVS brand water(4)
  • CVS peanuts(2)
  • CVS cookies(2)
  • Puffs
  • Cascade
  • Milk
  • Febreze(2)
  • Physician’s Formula eye shadow for nude eyes

CVS ran a couple promos were if you bought $15.00 worth of stuff you received $5.00 in ecb’s. Received 3 of those so that was $15.00 in ECB’s for next time. Physician’s Formula if $10.00 was purchased the ecb’s in that case were/are $7.00. Then got ecb’s from the Febreze. 

Used coupons too on this trip as a result the Puff’s I bought for 99 cents and the $1.00 off coupon made them a money maker to the tune of a penny. Not much but nice to get items for free. 

Overall Breakdown

Original cost=$82.37-coupons($6.25)-CVS cash card($6.27)-($3.00 in ecb’s)-$40.00 gift card= my out of pocket cost $26.85 Woohoo! For all my hard work I earned a total of $35.00 in ecb’s so that $40.00 gift card that was given for Em almost got the whole thing back. Ecb’s are what I use to buy diapers so it doesn’t cause me to go broke. 

Babies R Us

Babies R Us is not one of my most favorite stores but you can clean up if you watch the sales ads. That’s what happen today by a fluke. Having four gift cards to the tune of $100.00 that had to be used there were a few items the baby needed, and a few items she didn’t. First thing was the Medela BOGO 1/2 off deal. Medela is a super mega breast pump for those scratching their heads reading this. Bought one off a friend but storage bags and all that jazz needed to be bought. Then BabyGanics had their laundry detergent BOGO Free. Also needed a waterproof pad for the crib and they were BOGO 50% off. Also in browsing noticed the room decor was 50% off so got two items for the room. got two baby wash products from BabyGanics because they were BOGO Free too. With everything out of pocket cost was $29.08. Not too bad. 

The key to saving money is always have coupons on you because in store sales happen and if you leave coupons at home is always when the best sales happen. After not leaving behind coupons is always review your sales ad’s going over them at least twice. Thirdly, pay more attention to the dates from us that post deals rather then the store. Last week was screwed out of $3.00 because I failed to read the fine print and tried to be sneaky in regards to greeting cards. Just being diligent and knowing the policies and dates  saved time. 


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