Trip to the Store for Beginners

So after sitting at work for an hour and a half and no client showing I left. Realizing I forgot to pull out the turkey sausage it was either fast food or a trip to the Kroger’s. Off to Kroger’s I went. Here’s some tips on what I do.

  1. First and foremost always have your store card
  2. Go with a list( I didn’t)
  3. Browse the paper for 10 for 10 deals and make a plan.
  4. Bring Coupons( I leave mine in my console so I remember them)
  5. Look for in store sales that may not be listed.
Had no plan other then find dinner. Had my card and was on a mission. After filling my cart I only used one coupon but because I shopped the 10 for 10 sale the end result was I saved $25.00 on my grocery bill.
One mistake newbies that use coupons or that are new to shopping the 10 for 10 sales make is they assume that you have to buy 10 of something. Only way you have to buy 10 of something is if they do a promo where you buy 10 participating items to get the price. Most times these items you buy every trip anyways. I saved 85.00 last time just buy shopping only 10 participating items on that trip, this cut my Thanksgiving dinner by half.

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