Myth Busted: Couponing Takes to Long

This is a miss conception and once you get a system in place then its a breeze. Using this Blog has a how to guide from someone who’s made her errors you will see couponing is pretty much fool proof.  If I can teach my 60 year old mother how to use and save via coupons I can teach you too. This blog is going to be short and sweet because I gotta go meet up with clients in about 20. So here’s what I do:

I follow several pages on Facebook as well the companies I use a lot of because they will put special coupons on their page.

I get my inserts from mom to mom groups on Facebook rather then buying a newspaper. Not everyone in a mom to mom group is going to need coupons for Pampers and Huggies especially when their kids have been potty trained or they just flat out don’t coupon but get a paper(weird but yay for me).

Their is a email I receive daily that they have daily coupons. Plus that mysterious family email I magically signed up for in my sleep I get some baby gear up to 70% percent off. Weird but thank you Universe.

So I spend less than 20 minutes a day looking at or viewing coupons. Figure while I’m tinkering on Facebook and going through my four email accounts. Why not?

There will be a follow up blog tonight that goes into further details of what sites i use. How to stack your coupons for the best outcome and other tips.

So stay turned!


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