How to Save on Diapers

Someone the other day asked how I save on diapers because out of the three cases bought thus far the total out of pocket cost is $15.00 for all three. Sounds pretty nice right? The first thing is my favorite store CVS because of the extracare bucks, but will touch base on deals at other stores.

First things first

Before going to any store to buy diapers make sure to price compare them and check coupons to make sure they are not expired(everyone has done this). In this household how we do that is by websites that have already created the wheel.

Websites I swear by
Coupon Preview
The Krazy Coupon Lady
Crayons to Coupons
Babies R Us

There’s why these are great sites, the Sunday Preview site gives a list of what will be in the paper by way of Sunday’s inserts. Pampers for example is a P&G product and they typically release coupons once a month. So when you know by Wednesday that on Sunday a P&G insert is coming out you can buy more then one newspaper to cash in on these deals.

The second site is beyond amazing because she will matchup the coupons that will be released in the paper on Sunday to stores. Just select the store you shop at and bam you know what coupons to use for the week. Also on Saturday’s Sunday’s weekly circular is released so that way before getting a paper you can lay out your coupons and price compare stores. TKCL use to do a section where they would post who was having diaper sales this week but I haven’t seen it since before Christmas so I just do the work myself.

Crayons to Coupons is a blog based site but sign up for the daily coupon rundown there is always diaper coupons in there as they get released not to mention limited grocery coupons that if not printed that day you will be sol on( I learned the hard way).

Babies R Us is a store as every new mom knows but reason I posted them is to sign up for the VIB(Very Important Baby) card. The first year you load it like a pre paid VISA gift card and for every dollar spent you can get a 20% kickback at the end of the year up to $200 free. Babies go through so many diapers why not cash in where you can. Plus on the weekends they keep having “Door buster” sales. I cashed in on wipes a few weeks ago. 528 of them for $9.00 and they were the Babyganics brand which is normally $14.99 for a box. Then this week they had an $80.00 value tote of diapers for $24.99.

Lastly how I save is going to CVS with Extracare Bucks which is the greatest invention that I never use to use until I was explained them from a fellow mama. Right now I have $28.99 that need to be redeemed by the end of the month or the equivalent to a case for free. Plus you can use manufacture coupons with these to maximize results.

Other stores have deals too, just seen that Family Dollar is going to start selling cases of Huggies diapers.  Family Dollar also takes manufacture coupons you can pair with the sale price to get better results.

So this is how my family we save on diapers for my munchkin on the way. It’s all about price shopping, clipping coupons and stacking them to get them for the cheapest price.


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