How I Coupon Maybe It’s For You

I get a lot of objections on how to coupon and that it is time consuming. With the internet that excuse is about as old as Zach Morris’s cellphone. In this blog I’ll show you what I do to save time and ultimately money. Links will be provided so that you too can use them to your devastating  Beauty about the internet people have blogs and websites devoted to couponing so the guess work of uh how to I start is over.


Site #1


This site is a given and a stable in using coupons. You have to sign up for an account which is free and you print out the coupons that you need. Typically updated weekly if not sooner. How do you know? They send emails anytime that they get new coupons.


Site #2 Coupon Mom


This site is like the coupon bible. Again create an account for free but the amount of information will make your head spin. I will do a blog tomorrow on how to navigate through all the info. But the overview is you get an email that is broken down into areas.



  1. Grocery coupons
  2. area
  3. New coupons
  4. Walmart coupons
  5. Free samples
  6. Retailers like CVS, Walgreen’s and previews for their flyers and store only coupons

All the bullet points are what your email will look like. So reviewing what the flyer is for next week, looking at the clipped coupons you have makes it easy to stack your coupons. ** When stacking coupons typically the week they expire is when you get the best deal** though that is not always the case it seems to be what works best for me.



Go through your pantry and freezer and see what brands your family uses most. Then when your bored on Facebook like their page. A lot of the times you get free coupons just for liking their page. I did this with Zevia This is a brand of pop,soda,cola, sodapop, depending on what it is called in your home and region and I got a coupon for liking their page. Several other companies do this too just for liking their page. Who doesn’t want to save .50 or $1.00 that’s why we coupon right?


This is a neat little site but easier to just follow on Facebook because they post giveaways and links to coupons daily if not several times a day. Their email if you sign up for it they sent you coupon updates daily. This makes it easy to see if the coupons are appealing to you.



This by far is the best idea ever, reason you can preview the coupon inserts that are going to be in Sunday’s paper to see if it would be worth buying the Sunday paper which is now a whopping $2.00.


So these websites and Facebook pages are how I do my couponing. I let others do the legwork for me and I just cash in on the savings.


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