CVS Haul via Extracare Bucks

CVS is my new favorite store so much so that people are giving me crap about talking about how much I save. Whatever, nothing like getting diapers for half the cost. So here’s what’s going on, CVS was running a promo that if you spent $30.00 in Proctor & Gamble products, also known as P&G that you receive $10.00 back in the form of Extracare Bucks. These EB’s you can use in conjunction with manufacturer coupons on another purchase. Some couponer’s will do another transaction right then and there, personally my money doesn’t stretch far enough to accomplish this, the $10.00 will be used at a later date.

How did I do it?
To reach the $30.00 before coupons here’s what I bought:

Covergirl single eyeshadows
These retail for $3.89 at the store I went to and were on bogo sale. end price=$5.84
Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap
Retail price was $1.67 but on sale for 0.99 each. Had a coupon for $1.00 of 2. End price=0.49 each or 0.98 for the pair.
Pampers Super Pack in Size 1
Retail price is $24.99 at the store I went to. Used a $2.00 off coupon which expired today. End price = $22.99
By combining the manufacture coupons, plus the discount of the eye shadow here’s the breakdown.
Out of pocket cost=26.81
*For some reason the coupon I had with Covergirl didn’t work seeing they were 50% off, but the diaper coupon doubled? I’ll take it.
The box I had didn’t include the coupon book of $45.00 like I was looking for, was kind of bummed out but with the extra money off plus now I have $10.00 in EB’s I’m ok.
Adding in EB’s the total price for everything was $16.81 for everything.
With EB’s as mentioned before I’m not at liberty to pay for a second transaction so the $10.00 will be held on to until the next diaper sale. If there is not big diaper sale, then by the 30th I’ll just go back up to CVS and get a bag of diapers and get them for free because they cost $9.49 everyday or the bigger bag is $11.99.
That’s how one gets diapers super cheap at CVS.

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