Couponing for Charity

Couponing for Charity

So my friend that turned me on to CVS aka the Mecca of all couponing places in my opinion turned me on to couponing for charity. I never understood those extreme couponers that would buy stuff just to buy stuff. My tiny apartment does not have room for a stockpile of crap.

Here’s her thinking, if you can benefit from the couponing whatever you get just give away to charity. Genius in my opinion when it comes to EB’s. Here’s an example, yesterday they had a glucometer for $9.99 and you received $9.99 back so it is like getting it for free. I win by getting 9.99 back in EB’s that can be used for diapers and baby products and someone will benefit from a new meter. My friend is a nurse and volunteers at a clinic that can use it. Essentially that is how one would coupon for charity.

My trip to CVS yielded a return of $28.99 in EB’s and only cost my about $17.00. Toothbrushes were on sale with EB’s given back, the meter, probotics and Maybelline(sp) makeup. Plus they had stayfree pads(which) I don’t use but the church will benefit from them for when they house the homeless in two weeks. Homeless women still get periods so for $6.99 I got two big packs and they can give them to the ladies if need be. Total cost was $56 and some odd change but cost me $17.03 and I got back $28.99 that I plan on using for things for the baby.

The thought of couponing to save money is a great idea, however couponing to help others never crossed my mind until two days ago. This is going to be a new way for myself and my family to look at couponing. Granted charity starts at home but food, a roof over my head and a healthy child I am blessed more then most. With a fixed income it is always hard to find a way to donate to charities but now I have a new way to collect things for charities throughout the year.


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