Choose your friends wisely and weekly CVS Haul

Chose your friends wisely

You know how you go to the mall and are hounded by the survey girl? Rather then roll your eyes at her you need to make friends with her, here’s why. The company that she works for is bigger then a tiny room at the mall, they are a marketing firm that are looking for people to be part of a focus group. Granted spending 15 minutes of your time to do a survey on soap is not the idea thing to do on a Saturday it’s in your interest to still make friends with her. Today I completed a survey at headquarters for such a company. They called me I didn’t call them. “Hey are you willing to try this new sandwich on Tuesday? We will pay you $40.00.” $40.00 in hard cash for about 20 minutes of my time, dude sign me up. Who can’t use $40.00?

This is why the annoying survey girl can be your best friend. there is always a new product that Dial, Softsoap, Always, Charmin and others need real people’s opinion and they actually pay you. There is no scam, no we need to sacrifice your first born during a full moon on the third Tuesday of the month stuff going on. This is why focus groups exist to better tweak a sandwich or the fluffiness of toilet paper. So in a week that I missed out on $150 because of Murphy’s Law that $40.00 I received in an envelope included angels singing as it went in my gas tank.

Weekly Cvs Haul

This week really had to scan the paper to find deals but having $30.99 in ECB’s it was time for redemption. There were a few oops in this trip but it worked out. First thing the coupon machine was down so no coupons today, will stop by tomorrow. Then Planter’s peanuts were wiped out, glad I brought backup coupons. So here’s how the shopping trip went. In this weeks circular if one bought $30.00 in certainly marked products you got a Cvs Cash Card. It looks like this:

This cash card is different then the red Extracare Bucks card or a gift card but works as a gift card. Not sure if they had these before as I’m kind of new to the couponing circuit.
To get this little green card this is what got purchased:
2 packs of Duracell batteries
1 box of Always
2 Covergirl Nail glosses
2 Dawn Dish Soaps(little bottles)
2 Kleenex Hand Towels
total cost= $34.93
Then for the other deals not associated with the Spend $30 deal included:
Johnson and Johnson Natural baby products B1g1 50% off
Third deal was buy 3 American Greeting cards and get $3.00 in ECB’s. Had to be $1.99 or more, not one card was $1.99 though so got three different priced cards for Valentine’s Day.
Fourth and final deal was the big bottles of Suave Almond and Shea butter shampoo and conditioner for 2/6 but buy $12.00 worth and receive $4.00 in ECB’s back.
Cost $66.88
Extracare Bucks $30.99
Coupons $11.80
Gift Card $25.00
My total cost out the door=$3.08
$10.00 Cvs Cash Card
$7.00 in Extracare Bucks
$10.00 coupons from Duracell
Not a bad day of shopping.



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