BzzAgent Review


So today just wanted to write quick on this website called Bzzagent. It has a cute little bee as a mascot and has an app. However I wasn’t sure this site was legit because the first campaign I did I never got the coupon to try out the product. That was over a year ago but not to long ago I was selected for a Purdue chicken sample. Got my coupons in today for a free ready to go Purdue Chicken.

What is BzzAgent?
BzzAgent is a website where you basically do market research for companies. Think of it as a online try it focus group. A person creates an account and answers and bunch of questions and when campaigns become available if it peaks your interest join it and you get coupons in the mail to try the products. Sounds simple and yet there is no catch.

Campaigns thus far

So far I have only done three campaigns. First was for a Meijer’s canvas print that i wanted to use as a birthday gift for a friend never got it. The second one was for Pepsi Next. With this campaign I was sent a 12 oz can in the mail with about 5 coupons for different amounts including a free 2 liter bottle. Not a fan of it, blat. But I gave the coupons to a co-worker she was happy. The current one i have is for a Purdue chicken, we know what were having for dinner tonight. Also in the envelope there was five coupons to pass out to family and friends which I thought was neat, in addition to the free chicken one for us.

So if your looking to try some new products and not spend a dime this is a site to try out. If you do let me know what you think. Also will be posting a blog with my thoughts on said chicken.


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