Savings Thank You Email I Don't Remember Signing Up For

So I got an email from EverydayFamily. I don’t know who they are or how I am affiliated with them but I am. There still is about five pages of crap I need for Em seening she’s my first to make it this far. Two of the items (car seat canopy and sling) I got a promo code for. All I had to do was pay shipping and handling and I got both items for under $30.00


This is the first one. Type in the Promocode “Family2012” and from 49.95 it goes to 12.90 no joke


This is the second item I got for s/h costs. Plug in the code “familybump” and get the sling for 11.40 I think I paid. You can opt for the insurance in case you get the wrong size. Considering I needed the biggest size even if I wasn’t pregnant I opted out. Saved $3.50 in the process.


Pass them on to friends and family members. Once I get the products I will for sure post them. The car seat canopy in the style I got is on back order until December 5th or 6th they said.




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