Premise of Blog

Hi Everyone,

The premise of this blog is to share my experiences on how I save money. With the economy everyone can use to save money these days. As the birth of my first child is coming near I have learned to be even more frugal than I have been. New things like mom to mom sales are a regular in my life and vocabulary. 

To give a little background on myself. I have always been cautious when it comes to money. Life was good back in the early 2000’s when I had a great paying job then I injured my back and since then it has been one slippery slope since. My current career I am on a fixed income which goes up and down based on the economy. In 2009 I discovered I had Melanoma. Went through one heck of a surgery and ultimately couldn’t work for a year because my body was rejecting the chemo yet I still had to go through it to get to the other side. I am happy to say I am Cancer free but as a result frugal became my new middle name. Living off food stamps was embarrassing but needed.While on food stamps I fed 3 grown adults on less than $200 a month. This included Amish chicken, Angus Beef and a lot of the produce was organic. So you can eat healthy and still save money. As a result I learned how to coupon, shop sales and even pay off a little bit of my accumulating debt. 

So why the blog? There are a lot of reasons for this blog. Mainly it is to share how I save my family money so others can use the tricks and tips to do the same in their family. I also need the creativity to satisfy my ADD. Plus it’s just fun 🙂

What to expect?


  • Ways to save on your grocery bill
  • DYI fun
  • Creative projects
  • Recipes
  • Mommy Tricks
  • Ways to pay off debt

So welcome to Stephanie’s Savvy Tips enjoy!


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