So the other day my friend was telling me how she saves on the cost of diapers. Basically she stockpiles her Extracare Bucks from CVS. To test this out I tried for myself. Here’s what I did:

  1. Scan the CVS paper for items that you get the amount of EB’s as the item cost. So batteries are $3.65 right now and you receive $3.65 in EB’s. 
  2. Hold on to them for a bit. They expire about two wees after you get them. 
  3. Scanned the paper on Sunday and seen that Pamper’s Swaddlers were $8.49. 
  4. Went in search of items to get the EB’s, they had all the items I would use but two. 
  5. Went to a different location informed them what i was looking for. They said they would honor the EB’s for those products just a different quanity. I wanted one 3m hook but ended up buying the double back. 
  6. Cashed out and they EB’s didn’t print so the manager came over and manually printed them. 
  7. Get home only to notice because of the error the system tripled my EB’s to $6.00 instead of $2 🙂
  8. Went back yesterday for the diapers but the sale ended on Wednesday. That’s ok. 
  9. The diapers were $9.49 for Pampers NB size.
  10. I had $8.00 in EB’s plus the NB size had a $10.00 coupon in the inside. 
  11. Out of pocket expense was $1.49 after EB’s. With the $10.00 coupon inside I made money to the turn of $8.71 just to buy a pack of diapers. 
So Extracare Bucks are essentially free money that CVS gives you. If you play your cards right you can save some money on daily essentials. 

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